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Thank you for your interest in Free the Kids, Inc. Together we can alleviate the devastating effects of poverty on the youth of southern Haiti by providing a home and refuge for orphaned and vulnerable children at Pwoje Espwa Sud, Project Hope.

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Fi Ki Fo (Strong Girl) Week!

Fi Ki Fo Week!

Many of you may already be familiar with the Fi Ki Fo (“strong girl” in Creole) program, which provides Espwa’s oldest girls the opportunity to take skills-training classes and participate in empowerment exercises throughout the year.
The program, funded by Write to Be, includes mentorship, where each girl is paired with a “pen pal” in the US who they correspond with throughout the year to talk about important topics such as goal setting, leadership, and culture.
This past week, the pen pals came for their second annual Fi Ki Fo week, which was filled with activities to help raise self-esteem, identity awareness, leadership, and fun.
We learned how to…
give and receive compliments,
non-violent communication techniques,
identify future goals, ambitions, and careers,
the power in rhythm and dance,
and most importantly, create a space where we can just be ourselves!!
When the group was not working with the girls, they were busy building gardens of all kinds in the girls village.
It was an incredible week and we are so thankful for all of the hard work that went into making it such a special time for all of the amazing women and girls that were a part of it.
Write to Be funds the Fi Ki Fo program, which is a skills-training program for Espwa’s oldest girls to learn important skills such as sewing, cooking, and language taught by women in the community to increase opportunity for the girls to be financially independent when they must live on their own. To learn more visit or follow them on Facebook at 

Buy delicious Haitian coffee and help us raise money too

We are thrilled to give you the opportunity to buy delicious Haitian coffee and help us raise money too!  After you have tasted your first cup, you will be so impressed that we hope you will order every month!  This coffee is much appreciated as gifts, too!  Every bag you purchase will give a profit to Free the Kids, and also to the farmers involved with our coffee partner, Singing Rooster.  For the perfect gift, pair a bag of coffee with a unique mug with Espwa logo, available on our shopping link on homepage!

Please click on this link to order:

We hope you will consider organizing a coffee sale at your church or work, and will happily process bulk orders for 24 or more bags (minimum 12 of same item) via email to


I fell in love with Espwa during my first visit last year. Hard to put into words, but there was a real "heart" connection with the kids and staff. It is a special place. My visit was focused primarily on the girls and the teachers. Relationships were initiated during that first visit that I treasure very much!

- Maria Simeone

There is hardly a more heartbreaking sight than seeing an orphan in Haiti--many of them who have families who simply cannot feed and clothe them. Of course there is the emotional response to their plight, but there is a more pragmatic hope--that given a chance in a loving, caring environment, these children can grow up to be leaders, people who can move their communities and the country itself in a positive, healthy direction.

- Jackie Wilson

This place is amazing! The kids and their caregivers will restore your faith in the human spirit. The magic of Espwa is that there is a childhood provided for the kids there that would not exist otherwise.Haiti has a very very long way to go, but this is a hopeful place with clean, well fed, happy children, teachers, house moms, and support staff. Fr Marc and all of the others should be very proud of their accomplishments. Help them in any way that you can!

- Kerri McDonough Croland
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