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A Message from Espwa Social Worker


A message from Pierre-Richard Peronneau, a social worker at Pwoje Espwa Sud.

Our staff at Espwa and families in the south enter this week with uncertainty.

We are seeing signs that the violent protests in the South have reduced but tension remains. Port-au-Prince is still experiencing the unpredictability of violent outbreaks as citizens wait in suspense for government response.

Overcoming a bleak future for the children is a challenge among the harsh realities of survival in extreme poverty. Now, with the country remaining in a state of instability, a rising cost of living, and limited opportunities, their dreams seem even more difficult to reach.

Free the Kids and Pwoje Espwa Sud are facing these days of uncertainty in Haiti together.

We are committed to helping the children in Haiti see their dreams come to fruition. We do this by helping families build the capacity to stay together and offering services that give the children every advantage for success.

Over the past year, we have made significant progress in building the capacity within our programs to better serve families, young adults, and children.

Here are just a few ways we are reaching our goals:

  1. We have partnered with IBESR, the government’s social services department, through accreditation so that Pwoje Espwa is in good standing with the social departments serving children and their families. This will allow us to serve more families and children in need throughout southern Haiti.
  2. We have hired experienced social workers who work directly with the children and their families, and who train the staff working daily with the children.
  3. We provide child care training and teacher training throughout the year.
  4. We offer psychological services for students in our schools.
  5. We have partnered with a Haitian-led counseling center to support families and young adults.
  6. We have on-site medical care and offer nutritious meals every day.

What we do is critical to help each child’s dream of a better future be a reality. 

We are grateful for your role in making those dreams come true!


To support our recovery efforts, donate here or text “ESPWA” to 44321.

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