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Almost 400 Served at Labor Day Dental Clinic

Doctor Chuck Tozzer’s Dental Care for Children mobile clinic swept into Les Cayes Haiti over the Labor Day weekend to hold a clinic for Espwa children and families and the surrounding community.

Dr. T’s team served 269 Espwa resident children and staff and another 128 from the community including staff families. All told his dental “A-Team” saw 397 people in 2-1/2 days (breaking the old record by 50 patients).

That’s amazing!!!

His team provided more than $200,000 in dental services to those who have very little means to receive these services.

DCFC is truly doing God’s work in Haiti!!!



We thank you Dr. T for your dedication and care for Espwa children and local families!




Godspeed on your continued service to the most vulnerable in Haiti, Mexico, and other countries throughout the world!

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