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Dental Care

September 2, 2012

Thank you Dental Care for Children!

We were blessed another year to receive services from Dr. Tozzer’s Dental Care for Children group. Dr. Tozzer has been coming annually with dentists and hygienists for more than five years.

The dentists service all of the Espwa children, and then offer clinics for employees and neighbors. They work tirelessly from sun up to sun down in the Espwa preschool, seeing thousands of patients.






















Thanks to our dentist friends from California, Texas, Vermont & Minnesota, our children are all smiles! September of 2010, Dr. Charles Tozzer, founder of Dental Care for Children, conducted his 2nd dental clinic at Hope Village. Resident children and neighbors received desperately needed dental care. These generous dentists treated 251 patients to dental services totaling $145,700. If you are a dentist or dental hygienist interested in volunteering at our next clinic, click here for more information about our partner,

Photos below are from the September 2010 Dental Clinic.