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Parents Arrive on Campus for Collaborative Meeting

In keeping families updated and engaged with their children, last week parents of our residential children were invited to attend a meeting on campus.

About 140 parents arrived on campus to attend the meeting, where they received information on our programs, training and social events that are being planned for the families. Child Development staff were open and available for their questions and discussion.



The opportunity gave parents a platform to express their hopes and desires for their children, and gave our staff insight on what type of help they would need if their children could live at home. Collaborative meetings between Pwoje Espwa and parents ensure we are providing the best care for their children.


Just hearing that a parent meeting was being held, it was difficult to keep the children in school that day! Many of them gathered around the big kitchen area where the meeting was being held, excitedly waiting for their parents to come out.

Family days are very important for the children, and more will be planned in the future as we build a strong Family Preservation program that provides the most support, care and benefits to the children and their families.


Read more about our Family Preservation Program here.

Listen to an interview of our Child Development Manager here.

Make Lent a time of faith, hope and love for the children – and their families – at Pwoje Espwa.

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