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[Video] Schools reopen, but instability

Schools reopen this week, but several challenges remain

Update from Peronneau (February 23, 2019)

Click the link above to watch an update from from Pierre-Richard Peronneau, social worker at Pwoje Espwa Sud, on the children and programs on campus this past week.

Note: When you click the link, the video will download to your device for viewing.

As we move into the weekend, we are relieved to have experienced a few days of calm. However, families and communities, including Pwoje Espwa, are facing economic instability and insecurity.

Our biggest challenge is confronting the heightened prices in the markets and transportation. Transportation is critical to our mission of serving families – whether it is keeping our residential children connected with their family, purchasing food and supplies, or transporting staff members. The assurance of adequate fuel to meet needs is causing vendors to ration fuel and raise prices. Secure movement of our vehicles also remains a challenge, as outbreaks of protests are still unpredictable.

We have already experienced two wage increases this fiscal year to meet the growing costs of living, and we are most likely facing another increase soon.

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