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Social Workers Strengthen Child Development

“It’s not going to be easy.”

Child Development Head, Peronneau Richard, recognizes that he and his team of professionals are facing social and economic problems that are embedded into the fabric of Haitian society and institutions.

Creating a community of resources and support for the families of the 200 resident children at Pwoje Espwa is not only a new undertaking for our staff, but also long-term, demanding work.  That is why we have a Child Development Team equipped and willing to help create a path of success for children and their families.


This team will provide a variety of services in support of our Family Preservation program, including:

  • Providing accurate, in-depth records of each child and their family
  • Conducting family assessments and creating support plans
  • Assessing the children and developing an individual plan for their unique residential support
  • Training the wider staff on child protection and our code of conduct
  • Training the childcare staff for the personal and social development and well-being of each and every child
  • Assuring that programs are providing spiritual and moral guidance

With the recent addition of 3 new social workers, we will be able to further our ability to provide these services and support families as their children are able to be reintegrated into the home.

Social workers are invaluable to the well-being of the children and performance of our programs. Their educational background and skills along with their patience and passion for the social, emotional and psychological well-being of others creates an environment of encouragement for the children, their families, and the wider community.


Our staff helps create an environment of faith, hope and love for the children. You partner with them by supporting our Family Preservation program.


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