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Story of Light: Meet Peter






You are the light for the children this holiday season, and every season.



Meet Peter.

Peter grew up with 6 other siblings under the care of his mother. A single parent with very little education, Peter’s mother is illiterate and struggled to find profitable work. During mango and avocado seasons, she trades produce at the local market, bringing in a meager 50 gourdes per day – that’s less than US$1.

In a country where education is not free, many Haitians cannot afford to go to school. Only about 60% of the Haitian population is literate, and an average Haitian, age 25 and older, has only 5 years of schooling. Without a basic education, finding a stable, profitable job is even more difficult.

Living under the international (US$1.90/day) and national extreme poverty lines (US$1.23/day), it is difficult for a single individual to survive. Supporting another 6 people, Peter’s mother could barely afford to keep her children fed.

This is why Peter’s mother brought him to Pwoje Espwa in February 2010 – so that he may have access to consistent care and the quality education she never had the opportunity to receive.

Now 16-years-old, Peter has made tremendous progress academically and developmentally. He is in Secondary I at Pwoje Espwa, where his teachers claim he is on the road to an exceptional school career. Social workers, teachers and staff members describe him as having extreme motivation and ambition – a prominent actor in his own life.

Peter dreams big. “Every time I go to sleep, I always take a few minutes to think about my future. I really love medicine. I feel like it will give me the opportunity to do what I want to do most in the world: helping others, especially those who are less fortunate than me.”

“The socio-economic conditions of my family are very difficult,” Peter says. “If I were at home, I may not have reached where I am today. But with the help of Pwoje Espwa, I feel I am on a good path.”

In 2 years, Peter will enter the Transition Program, where he will be able to attend 2 years of vocational school with the continued guidance of psychosocial staff and financial support from Pwoje Espwa. He will have the opportunity to pursue his dreams, and live a life of dignity.


Share God’s light and blessings with the children at Pwoje Espwa this holiday season. Yours is a gift that keeps on giving when you provide opportunities to grow and thrive. 

Light a Candle of Care.

I fell in love with Espwa during my first visit last year. Hard to put into words, but there was a real "heart" connection with the kids and staff. It is a special place. My visit was focused primarily on the girls and the teachers. Relationships were initiated during that first visit that I treasure very much!

- Maria Simeone

There is hardly a more heartbreaking sight than seeing an orphan in Haiti--many of them who have families who simply cannot feed and clothe them. Of course there is the emotional response to their plight, but there is a more pragmatic hope--that given a chance in a loving, caring environment, these children can grow up to be leaders, people who can move their communities and the country itself in a positive, healthy direction.

- Jackie Wilson

This place is amazing! The kids and their caregivers will restore your faith in the human spirit. The magic of Espwa is that there is a childhood provided for the kids there that would not exist otherwise.Haiti has a very very long way to go, but this is a hopeful place with clean, well fed, happy children, teachers, house moms, and support staff. Fr Marc and all of the others should be very proud of their accomplishments. Help them in any way that you can!

- Kerri McDonough Croland
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