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Story of Light: Meet Peter






You are the light for the children this holiday season, and every season.



Meet Peter.

Peter grew up with 6 other siblings under the care of his mother. A single parent with very little education, Peter’s mother is illiterate and struggled to find profitable work. During mango and avocado seasons, she trades produce at the local market, bringing in a meager 50 gourdes per day – that’s less than US$1.

In a country where education is not free, many Haitians cannot afford to go to school. Only about 60% of the Haitian population is literate, and an average Haitian, age 25 and older, has only 5 years of schooling. Without a basic education, finding a stable, profitable job is even more difficult.

Living under the international (US$1.90/day) and national extreme poverty lines (US$1.23/day), it is difficult for a single individual to survive. Supporting another 6 people, Peter’s mother could barely afford to keep her children fed.

This is why Peter’s mother brought him to Pwoje Espwa in February 2010 – so that he may have access to consistent care and the quality education she never had the opportunity to receive.

Now 16-years-old, Peter has made tremendous progress academically and developmentally. He is in Secondary I at Pwoje Espwa, where his teachers claim he is on the road to an exceptional school career. Social workers, teachers and staff members describe him as having extreme motivation and ambition – a prominent actor in his own life.

Peter dreams big. “Every time I go to sleep, I always take a few minutes to think about my future. I really love medicine. I feel like it will give me the opportunity to do what I want to do most in the world: helping others, especially those who are less fortunate than me.”

“The socio-economic conditions of my family are very difficult,” Peter says. “If I were at home, I may not have reached where I am today. But with the help of Pwoje Espwa, I feel I am on a good path.”

In 2 years, Peter will enter the Transition Program, where he will be able to attend 2 years of vocational school with the continued guidance of psychosocial staff and financial support from Pwoje Espwa. He will have the opportunity to pursue his dreams, and live a life of dignity.


Share God’s light and blessings with the children at Pwoje Espwa this holiday season. Yours is a gift that keeps on giving when you provide opportunities to grow and thrive. 

Light a Candle of Care.

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