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Tracing Jesus’ Journey at Pwoje Espwa

Free the Kids Executive Director Frank Irr shares on participating in the ‘Stations of the Cross’ with the children during his recent trip to Pwoje Espwa.


Last week I was in Haiti and had the honor of participating with the children and our Pastoral staff in Friday Stations of the Cross at Espwa.  Stations of the Cross trace the journey Jesus took to his crucifixion.  It is a way of commemorating the pain of suffering Christ endured to give us salvation. 

Each of the 14 Stations are placed around campus.  A short reading is proclaimed and a few prayers are said before moving onto the next station.  The group engages in singing in between stations.  The service teaches our children the salvation story.  The beauty and reverence of this service are part of a Catholic’s Lenten tradition each Friday. 

One of our Pastoral Staff, Mr. Lacrose officiated and led the prayer.  Matante and the Housemothers accompanied the children to help them stay together and show the proper respect.  This is all part of the spiritual and values formation of our children. 

For Catholics and Protestants alike, we are all part of Christ’s universal church.  We hope you will join with us in this Lenten devotion by participating in a Stations of the Cross service at your local parish. And when you do, please keep these children and our staff in your Lenten prayers.   








Make Lent a time for faith, hope and love.

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