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US Travel Advisory Level 4: Do Not Travel

UPDATE: US Embassy escalated travel warning to Haiti to a Level 4: Do Not Travel

Violence continues in Haiti for the 9th consecutive day. People are not able to leave their homes for basic necessities due to barricades, store closures, and violence. An ongoing fuel crisis and the devaluing currency has led the prices of food and basic supplies to skyrocket. Civil unrest is consequentially locking down the country, preventing travel and local businesses from opening. Schools and other essential services are cut off.

Our children and staff are safe, but their families are facing instability in their communities which is hindering the resources they need for daily living, like food.  We are not excluded from these harsh realities at Espwa, and are actively conserving our resources to endure the coming days. 

Your help is needed.  Free the Kids is solidly committed to our mission and the safety of our families and children at Espwa as we are experiencing the consequences of this crisis. Please consider a one-time special gift to support the budget overage we are facing at this time.

Thank you for your continued support; please keep our children, staff, and communities in your prayers during this difficult time.




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