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Conditions remain violent and unstable

UPDATE: Conditions remain violent and unstable

On February 14th, the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince ordered the departure of all non-emergency personnel. Many missionaries and non-governmental organization staff members have followed suit, as many have departed and others are still trying to get out safely. We are relieved that yesterday our guest house managers safely made it back to their homes in the U.S. We ask for you to join us in prayer for the missionaries that are still trying to exit the country and for those who have chosen to stay and serve throughout this crisis.

Yesterday we saw large amounts of rain in Les Cayes. Although the rain flooded the streets and made activities with the kids difficult, it hindered some of the violence and we were able to replenish our propane and purchase charcoal to extend our ability to cook meals.

Our social workers are staying on campus at Espwa in order to plan activities for the children and keep them occupied to reduce their anxieties. We ask that you pray for their endurance as they are separated from their families as well.


Despite the hiatus due to rain, the crisis is escalating. Fuel, clean water, and food are becoming more scarce, at least 9 lives have been claimed by the violence, and the communities we serve, and all those across the country, are suffering.

We are growing more and more concerned for the recovery efforts when the conditions begin to stabilize. The people in our communities will be in a worse position than before as their resources and finances are depleted. We remain committed and are actively working now to prepare for providing support to our communities of families – your help is needed.

Please consider a special gift to support our efforts.  Thank you for all those who have made a donation to support these efforts.



We ask that you continue to share these updates with friends, family and communities – we need your prayers and support during this difficult time. Stay updated on the crisis through our Facebook page and blog.


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