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Situation calms, but challenges remain

UPDATE FROM PWOJE ESPWA: Situation has calmed, but challenges remain.

As things start to settle across the country, we are slowly resuming operations at Pwoje Espwa.
School was reopened yesterday on our Pwoje Espwa and Camp Perrin campuses, but attendance was low and some teachers could not make it to campus. We expect this to become more normalized over the days to weeks as parents become more comfortable sending their children to school and as long as things remain stable.
The situation has calmed in our area, but challenges remain. Some employees are still unable to get to work. Supplies are limited because transportation through the country is still impeded, keeping trucks with supply deliveries from reaching southern Haiti. Vendors have increased their prices significantly in order to preserve their stock, keeping many families from accessing needed supplies. Local families and community members are desperately trying to meet their food and fuel needs. On campus we are also preserving resources while assisting our community in the widest degree possible.
Yesterday, we distributed food to the Camp Perrin parents of our students, and students were served a hot meal. We have also distributed food to community members in our immediate area who are in critical need or with handicaps.


We are continuing to provide employment opportunities to our community members with a few projects on campus. We tried to keep these projects going to the best of our ability through the crisis so families have a means to support themselves.

We will be experiencing instability, tension, and facing the consequences of the changes Haiti will endure over the next several months. As we manage Free the Kids remains committed to the vulnerable families and children in Haiti. We ask that you continue to pray for our Haitian brothers and sisters, our children, students, and staff along with their families, and our community members.
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