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Working Together For Healthy Futures

In Haiti, public health facilities are severely under-equipped, and patients are often required to pay for almost every expense out of pocket – every medication that gets administered, the bed they stay in, the bandages that are used, all the way down to small equipment items like catheters. Seeing a doctor can set a family back financially for years, if not for life.

Each child’s health and wellbeing is a priority, which is why the Espwa clinic was opened with generous support from our donors in order to ensure that basic health care needs are only minutes away. Our nursing staff of 5 provide 24/7 care for the children. When needed, the children are referred to neighboring clinics or the public hospital for further care.

Visiting clinicians from the U.S. augment our basic services and help with long-term care for the children at Pwoje Espwa. One outstanding group of dentists visit campus every year.

Dental Care For Children, led by Dr. Charles Tozzer, set up their operations in the clinic as soon as they arrive. For 3 full days, they work from sun up and past sun down to see as many children as possible, as well as Espwa staff members and community members needing dental attention.

Everyone works hard and long,” says Dr. Tozzer, “but I tell them that they will be able to close their eyes and see the faces of these kids long after they return.”

Dr. Tozzer’s Dental Care For Children group has made 16 trips to Espwa over the last 10 years. They also hold clinics in Mexico 6 times a year, as well as various locations across the United States 6 times a year. “Haiti is clearly our hardest clinic, but also our most rewarding.”

We are incredibly grateful for Dr. Tozzer and his “A-team!” Visiting clinicians and donors ensure the children receive the medical attention they need to stay active and alert in the classroom, on the playground, on the soccer field, and into the many other arenas of growth and development.

As we are called to reach out beyond ourselves to meet the needs of others this Lenten season, you can make it a time for faith, hope, love and health for the children at Pwoje Espwa.


Learn more about Dental Care for Children by visiting their website at

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