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World Teachers’ Day: Introducing Our Staff

October 5th is observed by the United Nations as World Teachers’ Day. Join us in celebrating the teachers and school administrators at Pwoje Espwa!

What is World Teachers’ Day? The first World Teacher’s Day event was held in 1994 by the United Nations to commemorate the signing of the 1966 UNESCO/ILO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers, which is a standard-setting instrument addressing the status and situations of teachers around the world.

The World Teachers’ Day conference continues to be held every October 5th by UNESCO to celebrate educators around the world and provide an opportunity to discuss issues related to teachers and teaching.

This year’s theme isThe right to education means the right to a qualified teacher.”

While we appreciate all of the qualified teachers that serve at Pwoje Espwa, we would like to introduce our three new school administrators joining us this year!

Left to right: M. Mikene, Secondary Principal; Sixtina, School Admin; M. Brevil, Primary/K Principal

Lisols Brevil – Primary School Principal

Mr. Brevil is a dynamic, proactive and creative educator and has extensive experience working in education and for other international non-profits with programs in Haiti, including Concern Worldwide and Project Concern International. With a university degree in Educational Sciences and certifications in Humanitarian Intervention and the Protection of the Rights of Children, Mr. Brevil has a sound knowledge of child development and education, backed by his experiences in education, social work, community mobilization and development.

As the Primary School Director, Mr. Brevil oversees pre-kindergarten through 6th grades, supervising its 20 teachers and directing the successful implementation of school programs and policies.


Simillien Mikene – Secondary School Principal

Mr. Mikene holds university degrees in teaching and education, and has extensive experience teaching biology and chemistry at the university level. His professional experiences include serving as director of Notre Dame de Lourdes College in Cavaillon, serving as professor of Educational Reform, Approach and Assessment at the Public University of Southern Haiti, heading the MEXPROTEC Program at the Universidad Tecnologica de Altamira, as well as speaking at various seminars on educational reform, research methodology, academic planning, and other teaching and administrative skills.

As the Secondary School Principal, Mr. Mikene oversees grades 7th through Secondary III, supervising its 38 teachers and directing secondary school programs and policies.


Gauthier Sixtina – School Administrator

Ms. Sixtina is a bubbly and upbeat woman assisting Mr. Brevil with his responsibilities overseeing the primary school. She has a university degree in Administration, Planning and Financing Development and has broad administrative experience.


Having an Education Team that is qualified, motivated and passionate about our mission means we can fulfill the right to an education for our 1,200 students.

Teachers, and the educations and minds they shape, enable children and adults of all ages to learn to take part in and contribute to their local community and global society. THANK YOU to all of the educators that serve at Pwoje Espwa and help us fulfill our mission everyday!


Primary School

 Secondary School



Did you know?

About 59% of the population of Haiti lives below the national poverty line of US$2.41 per day. About 24% fall below the national extreme poverty line of US$1.23 per day.

When daily needs are unaffordable, we have an opportunity to provide a stable space of comfort and encouragement in our classrooms when the rest of life feels unpredictable.

I fell in love with Espwa during my first visit last year. Hard to put into words, but there was a real "heart" connection with the kids and staff. It is a special place. My visit was focused primarily on the girls and the teachers. Relationships were initiated during that first visit that I treasure very much!

- Maria Simeone

There is hardly a more heartbreaking sight than seeing an orphan in Haiti--many of them who have families who simply cannot feed and clothe them. Of course there is the emotional response to their plight, but there is a more pragmatic hope--that given a chance in a loving, caring environment, these children can grow up to be leaders, people who can move their communities and the country itself in a positive, healthy direction.

- Jackie Wilson

This place is amazing! The kids and their caregivers will restore your faith in the human spirit. The magic of Espwa is that there is a childhood provided for the kids there that would not exist otherwise.Haiti has a very very long way to go, but this is a hopeful place with clean, well fed, happy children, teachers, house moms, and support staff. Fr Marc and all of the others should be very proud of their accomplishments. Help them in any way that you can!

- Kerri McDonough Croland
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