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Free the Kids, Inc. is committed to upholding high standards of accountability and ethics to our donors.  We honor the donor’s wishes of the use of funds and make every effort to be transparent in the use of these funds.  Free the Kids, Inc. engages in ongoing efforts to openly convey information to the public about their missions, activities, accomplishments and decision-making processes. Even in times of crisis, Free the Kids, Inc. has a special responsibility to be forthcoming and honest in their communications with donors. Financial information is easily accessible to the public through our website or upon individual request. Our financial goal is to create external visibility, public understanding and trust in the organization.



Free the Kids, Inc. is committed to ensuring that fundraising activities are carried out in an ethical manner. Solicitations for donations will indicate whether the funds will be used to further the general programs and operations of the organization or to support specific programs or projects. If excess funds are received for the indicated project, the funds will be used for the general programs and operational costs of providing food, clothing, housing, and education to Haiti’s abandoned children in order to help them lead more productive lives.

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