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Overture International Assumes Stewardship of ESPWA

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ESPWA's Mission

To alleviate the devastating effects of poverty on vulnerable children in Southern Haiti.

Children develop best in caring families...

Families strengthen in vibrant communities...

Communities secure the future through their children.

is a child development center

Clinic provides
wellness checkups and immunizations to vulnerable children


School Enrollment
Over 1200

receive a hot, nutritious lunch

  • Population of Haiti: approx. 11 million
  • Population living in rural communities: approx. 5 million
  • Families in rural communities living in extreme poverty: approx. 3.6 million
  • Most Haitians earn: less than $2 USD per day

ESPWA was founded in 1998 as a traditional orphanage. Over the course of 22 years of serving vulnerable Haitian children we have learned much about best practices in child development and the difficulties faced by families in extreme poverty. As a result, ESPWA evolved from an orphanage to a child development center– to make every attempt to keep children in the most natural and supportive environment possible – the family.

- Free the Kids Board
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